Align & Refine Tutorials - Refine your skills with continued education.

Align & Refine Tutorials - Refine your skills with continued education.

Learn and practice the anatomical priority in each posture. Develop and refine your skills in alignment and verbal cues, and gain detailed information on how to teach and practice each posture.

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Align & Refine Tutorials - Refine your skills with continued education.
  • A&R - Plantar Fasciitis

    If you have heel pain, or symptoms of plantar fasciitis, this tutorial is for you. Learn stretches and strengthening practices for your lower legs, ankles and feet, to help remedy the pain of plantar fasciitis.

  • A&R - Back Care #3

    Props: None
    Best to try Back Care parts 1 and 2
    Back Care part 3 builds on Back Care parts 1 and 2, where you learned the practice of "up and over", and how to sit. Now we take he concept of "up and over" in to an effective transverse abdominal exercise, and slow motion walking. Slow motion walk...

  • A&R - Back Care #2

    Do you want to relieve hip and back tightness? In this tutorial you'll learn how to sit, and why the way you're sitting now could be doing more harm than good. You may think, "I know how to sit. I've been sitting my whole life!" But do you know how to sit well? If you're not sure, join me for Bac...

  • A&R - Back Care #1

    Back pain? Join me for Part One in this Back care series. You'll learn the practice of "up and over" which will decompress your hips and lower back and help to relieve back pain. This practice will also help to strengthen your abdominals, strengthen and stretch your spinal muscles.

  • A&R-Seated Twists

    Props: blanket or towel

    In this tutorial you'll strengthen your core, lengthen your spine, improve your posture and stretch your hips and hamstrings!
    These seated twists are excellent to decompress the hips and spine, as well as improve energy and digestion.
    Variations of these twists are e...

  • A&R - Wrists

    All levels
    Props: None
    If you have wrists, hands and fingers, this tutorial is for you! You'll learn practical ways to stretch your forearms, wrists and entire hand. These stretches are especially good for people who text, type, write, work in manual labor, or have arthritis. Appropriate for al...

  • A&R -Tree

    The classic! One of the most popular postures for all levels, and many people's favorite balance posture. Learn how to use your legs, hips, pelvis and spine in this posture for optimal focus, strength and flexibility. And most importantly, learn how to practice and teach this posture in a way tha...

  • A&R - Extended Side Angle

    Strengthen your legs, hips and spine with extended side angle. When done well, this posture is extremely beneficial! In this tutorial, you'll learn helpful alignment practices, verbal cues and variations which will be beneficial to both you and your students.

  • A&R - Camel

    A perfect back bend to give you energy, heighten your mood and improve your posture. In this tutorial, you'll learn variations of camel posture appropriate for you and your students, along with useful verbal cues, and helpful ways to sequence before and after practicing this posture.

  • A&R - Kneeling Warrior

    Props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
    Kneeling warrior is not only one of the best quadriceps and hip flexor stretches, but its also one of the best postures to help decompress your lower back and help relieve back pain. This posture is medicine for anyone with lower back issues!

  • A&R - Warrior 2

    Empower, strengthen and lengthen in Warrior 2. In this tutorial, you will learn alignment, muscle actions, verbal cues, and how to prevent and heal knee and lower back issues associated with this posture.

  • A&R - Pigeon

    In this tutorial, you'll learn to practice and teach variations of pigeon posture that are effective for varied body types and needs, and safe for the knees. Focus on joint actions, verbal cues, and safe and comfortable alignment.

  • A&R - Temple / Squat

    Props: Blanket
    Practicing temple (squat) posture is an excellent way to strengthen our legs, inner thighs, and safely stretch the lower back. In this tutorial you'll learn teaching variations of squat to benefit individual needs and body types.

  • A&R - Mountain

    Props: wall space
    Mountain is the template posture for every other posture in yoga and it teaches us what our postural habits are off the mat. Learn the priorities in mountain, how to practice this posture in a balanced way. Learn great verbal cues to teach the pose well and safely.

    You will ...

  • A&R - Transverse Abs

    Props: 1 block
    Get to know your deepest abdominal muscles, your transverse abs! You'll learn how to feel this abdominal, strengthen it, and learn techniques to help your students find stability in their lower back, pelvis and hips. This tutorial is especially good for students with lower back ...

  • A&R - Plank

    Props: 1 blanket
    Plank builds full body strength, and is especially great for stabilizing our core and spine. The tutorial teaches you how to practice and teach plank well, with variations for different physical needs and abilities.

    You will learn and practice the priority in the pose, alignm...

  • A&R - Chair

    Props: 1 block and wall space
    Chair is an excellent posture to practice on a regular basis, no matter one's age or physical fitness level. It helps to strengthen your legs, hips and spine. And also greatly improves balance. In this tutorial you'll learn a few different variations of chair pose...

  • A&R - Cobra

    Props: 1 block
    Cobra is a staple posture in our practice. In this tutorial you'll learn how to decompress the spine, prepare for deeper back bends, and learn the verbal cues most useful to teach this pose with confidence.

    You will learn and practice the priority in each pose, alignment, verba...

  • A&R - Low Lunge

    Props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
    If you think low lunge is a simple posture, think again. In this tutorial you will learn how to decompress the hips and lower back, and gain strength in the legs, core and spine.

    You will learn and practice the priority in each pose, alignment, verbal cues and detai...

  • A&R - Crescent/High Lunge

    Props: 2 blocks
    Two great, similar postures to stretch and strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Learn how to practice and teach these poses well in order to support the hips and decompress the spine.

    You will learn and practice the priority in each pose, alignment, verba...

  • A&R - Warrior One

    Props: 2 blocks
    A posture widely practiced and often mis-understood! Warrior 1 is an incredibly valuable and unique pose which stretches and strengthens areas of the body like no other posture does. If Warrior 1 is a challenge for you, or you're not sure exactly how to teach it, this tutorial i...

  • A&R-Bridge

    Props: 1 block, 1 strap
    Bridge is one of the best postures to improve your posture! Learn how to open your chest, shoulders, and strengthen your spine. In addition, learn variations of bridge to empower your students with different levels of flexibility and strength to give them the most benefic...