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  • Align and Refine - Back Care part 3

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    Props: None
    Best to try Back Care parts 1 and 2
    Back Care part 3 builds on Back Care parts 1 and 2, where you learned the practice of "up and over", and how to sit. Now we take he concept of "up and over" in to an effective transverse abdominal exercise, and slow motion walking. Slow motion walk...

  • Align & Refine - Back Care #2

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    Do you want to relieve hip and back tightness? In this tutorial you'll learn how to sit, and why the way you're sitting now could be doing more harm than good. You may think, "I know how to sit. I've been sitting my whole life!" But do you know how to sit well? If you're not sure, join me for Bac...

  • Align & Refine - Back Care #1

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    Back pain? Join me for Part One in this Back Care series. You'll learn the practice of "up and over" which will decompress your hips and lower back and help to relieve back pain. This practice will also help to strengthen your abdominals, and strengthen and stretch your spinal muscles.

  • Align & Refine - Seated Twists

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    Props: blanket or towel

    In this tutorial you'll strengthen your core, lengthen your spine, improve your posture and stretch your hips and hamstrings!
    These seated twists are excellent to decompress the hips and spine, as well as improve energy and digestion.
    Variations of these twists are expla...