Watch this video and more on MOVEMENT THERAPY COMPANY

Watch this video and more on MOVEMENT THERAPY COMPANY

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  • A&R - Crescent/High Lunge

    Props: 2 blocks
    Two great, similar postures to stretch and strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Learn how to practice and teach these poses well in order to support the hips and decompress the spine.

    You will learn and practice the priority in each pose, alignment, verba...

  • A&R - Warrior One

    Props: 2 blocks
    A posture widely practiced and often mis-understood! Warrior 1 is an incredibly valuable and unique pose which stretches and strengthens areas of the body like no other posture does. If Warrior 1 is a challenge for you, or you're not sure exactly how to teach it, this tutorial i...

  • A&R-Bridge

    Props: 1 block, 1 strap
    Bridge is one of the best postures to improve your posture! Learn how to open your chest, shoulders, and strengthen your spine. In addition, learn variations of bridge to empower your students with different levels of flexibility and strength to give them the most benefic...