Watch this video and more on MOVEMENT THERAPY COMPANY

Watch this video and more on MOVEMENT THERAPY COMPANY

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  • A&R - Pigeon

    In this tutorial, you'll learn to practice and teach variations of pigeon posture that are effective for varied body types and needs, and safe for the knees. Focus on joint actions, verbal cues, and safe and comfortable alignment.

  • A&R - Temple / Squat

    Props: Blanket
    Practicing temple (squat) posture is an excellent way to strengthen our legs, inner thighs, and safely stretch the lower back. In this tutorial you'll learn teaching variations of squat to benefit individual needs and body types.

  • A&R - Mountain

    Props: wall space
    Mountain is the template posture for every other posture in yoga and it teaches us what our postural habits are off the mat. Learn the priorities in mountain, how to practice this posture in a balanced way. Learn great verbal cues to teach the pose well and safely.

    You will ...