Watch this video and more on MOVEMENT THERAPY COMPANY

Watch this video and more on MOVEMENT THERAPY COMPANY

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  • A&R - Camel

    A perfect back bend to give you energy, heighten your mood and improve your posture. In this tutorial, you'll learn variations of camel posture appropriate for you and your students, along with useful verbal cues, and helpful ways to sequence before and after practicing this posture.

  • A&R - Kneeling Warrior

    Props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
    Kneeling warrior is not only one of the best quadriceps and hip flexor stretches, but its also one of the best postures to help decompress your lower back and help relieve back pain. This posture is medicine for anyone with lower back issues!

  • A&R - Warrior 2

    Empower, strengthen and lengthen in Warrior 2. In this tutorial, you will learn alignment, muscle actions, verbal cues, and how to prevent and heal knee and lower back issues associated with this posture.